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Partnerships and Alliances

P2P partnerships and alliances are important and increasingly common vehicles for advancing institutional development and reform. The number of global partnerships, knowledge hubs, institutional twinning arrangements, learning alliances and communities of practice is growing, and yet there is a lack of strategic opportunities for systematic knowledge exchange and learning among them.


In 2019 the EIP conducted a mapping of existing P2P initiatives working to support accountable, effective and inclusive institutions. It found 78 active initiatives serving one, or a combination, of three core functions:

Most initiatives serve more than one function, and almost all function as a knowledge hub. Workshops, in-situ trainings and networking opportunities are the most common methods used for peer learning. Common thematic foci includes public sector and administrative management, public finance management, decentralisation and subnational government.


The EIP engages and works directly with a range of P2P partnerships and alliances, including global initiatives, regional and country-based partnerships, and thematic organisations. For example:

·       African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF)  

·       Astana Civil Service Hub (ASCH)

·       Centre for Economic Governance (CEG)

·       DeLOG

·       Global Delivery Initiative

·       Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)

·       Government Partnerships International (GPI)  

·       International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI)

·       LOGIN Asia

·       Norad Knowledge Bank

·       Open Government Partnership

·       The Collaborative Africa Budget reform Initiative (CABRI)  

·       United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)


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