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Organizational Structure

The EIP is comprised of three governing bodies each of which have their respective responsibilities and mandates: (i) EIP Co-Chairs, (ii) EIP Advisory Group and (iii) EIP Membership. The governance team of the OECD’s Development Co-Operation Directorate acts as the Secretariat for the EIP.



EIP Co-Chairs are nominated for a two-year term which can be renewed in consultation with the EIP membership. Members can either propose themselves or another member as co-chair with the outgoing co-chair nominating a successor among the proposed candidates.

The Co-Chairs are responsible for:


Advisory Group

The EIP Advisory Group meets twice every year and regularly consults with the Co-Chairs and members on policy and planning decisions. The Advisory Group is primarily responsible for:

The Advisory Group is comprised of four to eight members, each of whom is selected for a period of two years (renewable for up to two years subject to EIP members’ agreement). Selection of Advisory group members occurs through self-nomination or nomination from another EIP member. Nominations can be communicated to the Secretariat or the Co-Chairs.

Current AG Members: