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Tools and Approaches

The EIP collects, develops and shares tools and approaches to help members and partners implement P2P initiatives, and to track the outcomes of the learning process.  


Tools and instruments

Methods and approaches

o   Seek, Sense, Share – Your City Practice in the Networks

o   City to City: A Guide to the UCLG Learning Universe

o   UCLG Peer learning

o   Online courses, including on SDG localisation

o   Local4ActionHubs


Tools for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) in P2P partnerships

The EIP works to identify good practices and approaches to MEL in P2P partnerships, including by developing and curating MEL tools applicable to P2P learning initiatives. The work aims to support P2P practitioners, but also to generate more systematic evidence on the value of P2P as an approach to institutional development. 

An initial stocktaking of experiences among EIP Advisory Group members, captured in the report Lessons Harvesting: Learning from P2P engagements, identified both the attributes to effective P2P partnerships and the lessons that can help inform the development of MEL frameworks for institutional learning and development.

Building on insights from the stocktaking report, a series of learning events were organised in 2020-2021. The Learning Event Series – focused on trust and mutuality, learning through interconnected systems, and localised learning provided opportunities for participants to learn from existing P2P partnerships and to share their own experiences of enabling change through P2P and alternative approaches to reform.

As part of the next phase of this workstream, the EIP will pilot test and co-create selected MEL tools and approaches with EIP members and partners as a way to put into practice the insights generated to date, and to support members and partners, to enhance the impacts of their existing partnership arrangements.

Additional resources can be found in the publications and other resources sections.