Facilitating Accountability and Inclusion

The EIP aims to strengthen accountability mechanisms as well as promoting transparency and information-sharing. The EIP facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogues on public sector institutions, involving accountability actors as well as other relevant stakeholders. The EIP supports in particular initiatives that link accountability actors, such as Supreme Audit Institutions and citizens.

Facilitating Accountability and Inclusion

Supreme Audit Institutions and Citizen’s Engagement

EIP partners have produced a working paper on ‘Supreme Audit Institutions and Citizens Engagement Strategies: a Stocktake’ which explored the specific goals of SAIs in engaging citizens; the different mechanisms and instruments used, and their respective risks and costs; and the benefits of engagement and ways of mitigating bottlenecks to greater transparency and participation.

A first learning alliance workshop was held in October on this issue of Supreme audit institutions and citizen engagement. It brought together 7 Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) (Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, France, Philippines, South Africa, Zambia) with CSOs and representatives of development agencies to identify and share good practices on citizen engagement with SAIs. Pairing SAIs with each other and with CSOs enabled the sharing of innovative practices of citizen engagement; understanding how these were relevant for specific contexts and; identifying how peer-to-peer exchanges could support reform efforts in different countries.

Video: Bringing Citizens to the Equation

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