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11 février 2021 - Événement

EIP Learning Event #2: Learning through Inter-Connected Systems

Up next in the EIP learning event series, we explore how peer learning approaches can be applied to enable systemic change. The event is part of the EIP’s efforts to support peer-to-peer approaches as a pathway to institutional reform.

Drawing on experiences and insights from a range of peer-to-peer initiatives, we delve into some of the most pressing issues facing …

04 janvier 2021 - Actualités

Lessons Harvesting: Learning from P2P Engagements

This publication highlights seven key attributes of good practice approaches in peer-to-peer (P2P) learning, with a view to explore how these approaches can be tracked in the context of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) on P2P learning for institutional change. The paper’s principle objective was to gain a more granular sense of the way in which institutional change and learning …

14-15 décembre 2020 - Événement

EIP Annual Meeting 14-15 December 2020

The 6th EIP Annual Meeting will take place virtually on 14-15 December 2020.

With the theme “Knowledge-sharing and learning in times of crisis and transformation - a platform fit-for-purpose?” the meeting will be an opportunity for members and partners to come together to discuss progress and future plans for the EIP.

The meeting objectives will be (i) …

09 décembre 2020 - Événement

EIP Learning Event: Measures of Trust and Mutuality in Peer-to-Peer Partnerships

The Effective Institutions Platform (EIP) is organising a series of virtual learning events as part of its efforts to support Peer-to-Peer (P2P) approaches to facilitate institutional reform.

This first event will focus on trust-based learning between peers, including how to promote mutual learning, address power imbalances in the partnership, encourage two-way flows of information and learning, and create a sense …

03 juin 2019 - Actualités

Unpacking Institutional Change : Implications for P2P Learning

What actually drives institutional change?

We often fail to notice how institutional change that is visible from the outside is driven by incentives that act on deeply entrenched organisational beliefs, rules, norms, values & practices which are the root of institutional inertia.

Various organisational cultures will require different change models, but three ingredients are essential for success: Acceptance, Authority and …

13 mai 2019 - Actualités

Applying the PDIA Approach to Building PFM Capabilities in Africa

CABRI ( is a driver for PFM capability building across African countries. As an intergovernmental organization which focuses on value for money, public spending, and sustainable public debt, CABRI’s vision for achieving transparent, Accountable and Effective PFM is underpinned by the premise that:

  • The right identification of problems is crucial for successful PFM capability building,
  • Peer-to-peer exchanges are effective ways …