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03 juin 2019 - Actualités

Unpacking Institutional Change : Implications for P2P Learning

What actually drives institutional change?

We often fail to notice how institutional change that is visible from the outside is driven by incentives that act on deeply entrenched organisational beliefs, rules, norms, values & practices which are the root of institutional inertia.

Various organisational cultures will require different change models, but three ingredients are essential for success: Acceptance, Authority and …

13 mai 2019 - Actualités

Applying the PDIA Approach to Building PFM Capabilities in Africa

CABRI ( is a driver for PFM capability building across African countries. As an intergovernmental organization which focuses on value for money, public spending, and sustainable public debt, CABRI’s vision for achieving transparent, Accountable and Effective PFM is underpinned by the premise that:

  • The right identification of problems is crucial for successful PFM capability building,
  • Peer-to-peer exchanges are effective ways …
25-26 avril 2019 - Événement

Réunion Annuelle de l'EIP 25-26 Avril

Le Secrétariat de la Plateforme des Institutions Effectives a le plaisir d'annoncer que la prochaine réunion annuelle de la plateforme aura lieu les 25 et26 Avril 2019 à Paris.

Les participants à la réunion auront l'occasion de partager leur expérience sur l'apprentissage entre paires et discuter des nouvelles méthodes de travail de la plateforme ainsi que de sa vision.

Toutes …