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Using Peer to Peer Partnerships to establish Associations of Local Authorities in Africa, the Case of Lesotho

30 April 2019 - News

We had the immense privilege at the 5th Annual meeting of the EIP (25-26 April 2019) to have as guest participant, Mr. Charles Patsika of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) of Africa. UCLG Africa is a Pan African Association of local governments and their national associations whose work is to promote decentralization in Africa. At the heart of UCLG Africa’s work is the ambition to “Build” Africa from the grassroots by strengthening and connecting local governments through south-south’ decentralised cooperation initiativesand mutual peer-to-peer learning. UCLG Africa recently supported the establishment of the Lesotho Association of Local Authorities by partnering leaders of local government associations in Lesotho with the Botswana Association of Local Authorities in a peer to peer learning alliance. This was showcased at the meeting by Mr. Patsika whose presentation can be found here.

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