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Video: Towards Learning Alliances on Public Sector Reform: value of peer to peer exchanges in fostering change

About Peer Learning in Public Sector Reform

In recent years, many areas of public sector reform in development emphasized standardized solutions, drawing on what was thought to be globally-relevant technical expertise. Observing that the track record of such reforms is distinctly modest, a new realism now pervades the reform scene emphasizing the tacit, experiential knowledge of practitioners. Effective Institutions Platform (EIP) members are engaging peer practitioners actually doing reforms, helping these peers learn from others and fostering a contextually appropriate reform agenda rather than a technically driven one.

In order to support the establishment of peer to peer (P2P) learning alliances, the EIP is developing a Toolkit on Peer Learning in Public Sector Reform reflecting this growing awareness that effective and sustainable development solutions emerge when those actually doing development learn about new ideas and how these can be adapted to their contexts.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Learning Alliances

  • Learning Alliances are designed as collaborative multi-stakeholder groupings of institutions and organisations drawn from multiple contexts and countries that share knowledge, experiences and innovations on specific public sector reform topics.
  • The Learning Alliances give peers the opportunity to learn from each other in safe spaces to debate successes and failures in public sector reform efforts.
  • Each Learning Alliance includes at least two learning activities in order to create learning loops that facilitate collective analysis of experiences and the adaptation and application of approaches to public sector reform.
  • Stories of change on institutional and organisational reform will be made available for the EIP membership and beyond.

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