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Resource Library

The EIP has developed an Evidence and Resource Library on Public Sector Reform, which:

  • Documents country experiences, good practices and challenges in strengthening public institutions,
  • Shares a wide range of information on modalities /methodologies on peer learning,
  • Publicises original, empirical research when and where knowledge gaps are identified,
  • Documents and disseminates stories of change, based on the results of the Peer to Peer (P2P) Learning Alliances.

This Library encourages you to explore six related questions which start from a problem.

These problems then move towards intervention design and planning before reflecting on larger issues of coordination and collective learning.

If you want to further specify your research and narrow down the number of articles, the Library provides 2-5 sub-categories for each of these six questions.

Alternatively, you can also search literature by sector or keyword.

Do not hesitate to “rate” the articles in terms of how useful they were. This will allow continually updating and improving the library!

Please send us any relevant article you wish to include in this library! Contact us here.

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