Monitoring and Measuring Institutional Capacity

The EIP looks at issues linked to indicators and performance measurement. The EIP supports initiatives that help monitoring and assessing the ways in which public sector institutions improve the delivery of public services in developing countries. The EIP also contributes to the development of indicators for the draft Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The EIP will support the monitoring efforts of the new SDGs.

Monitoring and Measuring Institutional Capacity

Indicators of the Strength of Public Management Systems

The iChallenge launched at the High-level Meeting of the Global Partnership on Effective Development Co-operation and sponsored by the Effective Institutions Platform, the World Bank, and other partners. The iChallenge crowd sourced ideas for indicators that can be used to measure the strength of public management systems like procurement, tax, public financial management, public administration/civil service. The iChallenge closed on July 1, 2014 and received 92 ideas for indicators from 42 different sources in 26 countries. An Evaluation Body selected three finalists from the ideas received, which were featured at a Workshop on October 30, 2014 in Paris, France at the OECD.

Alternative PFM indicators for the Busan Monitoring

Furthermore the EIP is working to improve the monitoring of the Busan Outcome Document and its indicators on the strength of country systems, in particular in the area of Public Financial Management (PFM). EIP members have developed proposals for a new PFM systems indicator for the Busan Global Partnership Monitoring Framework.

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