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Strengthening Women's Participation in Local Elections in Bhutan through P2P Learning

06 mai 2019 - Actualités

Read the story (Here & Here) of how a Bhutanese network of women and an India-based CSO working in a P2P learning alliance facilitated by Login Asia is paving the path for women’s empowerment in Bhutan.

 Bhutan transitioned from a monarchy to a democratic constitutional monarchy with its first parliamentary elections held in 2008 and local elections in 2011. Women’s representation in politics and governance in Bhutan is lower than the average low of 15% of 73 South Asian countries.

Within a few years of existence, the P2P partnership has increased the participation of Bhutanese women in Local Government elections by increasing literacy levels in women traditionally engaged in subsistence agriculture or informal sectors of activity. Significant increments have also been registered in the number of Elected Women’s Representatives in local government institutions which went up by more than 60%, with twice the number of women occupying leadership positions in 2016 compared to 2011. This is Impact!

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