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Blog par Neil Levine

The way to Nairobi: the EIP shares approaches with the Global Partnership Initiatives

12 juillet 2016
par Neil Levine

An international gathering in a beautiful location always raises eyebrows…

Hosted by the United Cities and Local Governments in Barcelona, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, the government of Japan, and the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC) held an acceleration workshop for its 47 Global Partnership Initiatives—the Effective Institutions Platform (EIP) being one of them.

When you see this many interesting people coming together to update each other on their activities, share their challenges and seek partnerships it is not that difficult to forget where you are. Barcelona had to wait…

While I knew that the GPEDC was the mothership of the EIP, I had little knowledge of the breadth of activity occurring under its umbrella. The number of Global Partnership Initiatives (GPI) multiplied after the 1st GPEDC High Level Meeting (Mexico, 2014), covering a wide range of topics from aid coordination to networking think tanks and tax to service delivery.

What is the role of the GPIs, and our own platform, the EIP, in the context of the Global Partnership? The GPEDC has three main pillars: i) maintaining political momentum for the commitments made in Busan and Mexico City (the first HLM) ii) monitoring and reporting against those commitments and iii) the work of the Global Partnership Initiatives (GPIs), which are voluntary multi-stakeholders initiatives exercised at the country level; these initiatives are meant to show how Busan commitments can guide the implementation of effective development programs.

Given the changing international development landscape, the Global …