D. Achieving learning outcomes

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Questions for your reflection

Figure 1 D

The peer learning process map shows that actual peer learning (at the individual level) follows from the stages of initial engagement and sustained engagement. The questions here centre on ensuring that the engagements actually foster learning between peers.

1. Are you clear about what learning gains you expect from other peers? 

  • Do you have a clear idea of the focal issues peers will be learning about? 
  • Do you focus on technical aspects of change that you expect peers to learn about, and, if so, what aspects are you most focused on (country systems, reform sequencing, or avoiding collateral damage in reforms)?
  • Do you focus on learning about flexibility and humility in change management?
  • Do you focus on learning about “politically savvy” perspectives on change?
  • Do you focus on “constructive subversion” and resistance to promotion of poorly fitted reform packages?

2. Do you have a communications, evaluating and reporting mechanism to capture and build support for (and around) the peer learning gains?

  • How will you assess expectations about peer learning gains, about how and when these learning gains are assessed and reported back to organisations?
  • How will you assess whether peers are learning, and if the learning is a result of peer-to-peer interaction? 
  • How will you communicate learning gains to organisations, individuals involved? 
  • Do you have a proposed timeline in place for evaluations, monitoring and feedback about the peer learning process?
  • Do you have a strategy to ensure that your own funders/authorisers accept the plan to assess peer learning gains?

3. Are you employing the appropriate tools to evaluate peer learning gains? 

  • Can you assess success in facilitating interaction between peers?
  • Can you assess success in generating knowledge through peer learning? 
  • Can you assess success in knowledge sharing through peer learning?
  • Can you assess success in facilitating peer reflection of new lessons?
  • Can you assess success in application of new lessons by peers?
  • Can you assess success in diffusing lessons by peers into their organisations?

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