E. Creating change at scale

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Questions for your reflection

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The study showed that few peer learning initiatives could claim that peer learning actually impacted results. This is because there is seldom sufficient attention given to the challenge of diffusing lessons from individual peer learners and back to their organisations, where the impact would be felt. Questions here focus on the challenges of such diffusion.

1. What reform impacts do you expect from the peer learning initiative?

  • What results do you expect to see, and when?
  • Can you show, conceptually, how learning by individual peers will lead to these results? 
  • What assumptions are you making about how peers will share the lessons they learned?
  • Do you have strategies to ensure these assumptions are met? 

2. Are home organisations open to learning?

  • Are participant organisations clear about the impacts they expect from peer learning? 
  • Are the organisational change goals clearly identified, with measurable indicators? 
  • How can you ensure that home organisations actively support the diffusion or scaling of peer learning gains into the organisations (with plans to provide time and resources to facilitate such process, in advance of the actual peer learning events)? 
  • How can you ensure that home organisations are open to learning from ‘returning peers’ and do not punish the peers (for time taken in peer learning or for new ideas they adopt)? 
  • How can you ensure that home organisations invest in learning from returning peers?
  • How can you ensure that home organisations create time, space to bring lessons home? 

3. Have you ‘shared forward’ as an individual learner? 

  • How can you ensure that ‘peers’ reflect effectively on their peer learning gains? 
  • How can you help peers capture the lessons they have learned? 
  • How can you ensure that ‘peers’ are willing to share learning in their organisations?
  • How can you ensure that ‘peers’ are practically able to communicate lessons in a structured and constructive manner?
  • How can you help ‘peers’ share in their organisations without fear of recrimination?
  • How can you ensure that ‘peers’ share lessons without appearing superior to others?
  • How can you initiate or support peer learning inside the individual’s home organisation?

4. Have you reflected on the utility of the learning?

  • Do you have a strategy to identify how learning outcomes are used in practice and how they contribute to an individual’s personal success and the success of their organisation?

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