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Applying the PDIA Approach to Building PFM Capabilities in Africa

13 May 2019 - News

CABRI ( is a driver for PFM capability building across African countries. As an intergovernmental organization which focuses on value for money, public spending, and sustainable public debt, CABRI’s vision for achieving transparent, Accountable and Effective PFM is underpinned by the premise that:

  • The right identification of problems is crucial for successful PFM capability building,
  • Peer-to-peer exchanges are effective ways of learning and building commitment. In particular, P2P exchanges that use context‑specific and evidence-based practices, policies and procedures, while establishing and strengthening regional networks.

During the EIP Annual meeting, CABRI shared a case study (here) of how the Gambian Ministry of Finance used the PDIA approach to reduce high debt, arrears and virements that were consequences of resource misallocations. CABRI’s PDIA methodology in approaching PFM reform as well as several case studies can be found here and here.

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