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The 2019 Edition of EIP Annual Meeting Begins Next Week!

25-26 April 2019 - Event

The countdown leading up to the 2019 EIP Annual meeting has begun!

With just a week left before members and guests join to discuss the content and the structure of the EIP, we would like to share some essential reads (Background Note, EIP Survey Report, EIP Revisioning Process Report), the meeting agenda and List of participants to give you a feel of what the meeting is going to be about.

Long time members and non-member organisations will be showcasing their work on P2P learning alliances from various sectors and continents. We are looking forward to stimulating and instructive discussions that will set the pace for the EIP to provide innovative solutions to public sector reform challenges.

Remember to follow us on twitter @EIP4DEV to get real time updates of the event.

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