Strategic Vision

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The EIP believes in the central importance of accountable, inclusive and transparent public sector institutions that are capable of delivering responsive policies, effective resource management, and sustainable public services for poverty reduction and inclusive growth.

The EIP works with institutions (the wider environment and rules that shape behaviour), public sector organisations (e.g. ministries or local authorities), and individuals that work within organisations or benefits from their services (e.g. public officials and end-users). 

By ‘effective’ institutions, the EIP refers to those public sector institutions that:

  • Contribute to sustainable growth and poverty reduction by ensuring that resources are well-managed, quality public services are accessible and development goals are met;
  • Are accountable, inclusive and transparent thereby fostering public trust and reinforcing societal foundations;
  • Communicate and engage with the multiple stakeholders that wish to participate in their policy design, implementation and monitoring;
  • Are responsive to citizen demands and encourage participatory planning and decision-making by adapting to changing needs and priorities.

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Mission statement

The Effective Institutions Platform supports efforts to develop public sector institutions:

  • by hosting a different type of conversation than is currently available on public sector reforms amongst a diverse group of stakeholders;
  • capturing innovative and effective approaches to public sector reform through knowledge-sharing, mutual exchange of practical experiences and collective learning processes;
  • by stimulating country-driven reform initiatives and assisting EIP members in experimentation with appropriate contextual adaptation of relevant reforms and
  • by influencing the international discussion to promote appropriate and contextually-appropriate support to institutional reforms and evidence-based policy-making.

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