The Effective Institutions Platform (EIP) was created in 2012 in response to international commitments (such as the New Consensus on Effective Institutions) on the need to strengthen the effectiveness of our public sector institutions for the delivery of better public services. Commitments in the New Consensus are based on consultations undertaken with a broad set of stakeholders in 2011 around how to support and strengthen public sector institutions (see Manila Consensus). These agreements helped to shape related international commitments such as those in the Global Partnership on Effective Development Cooperation endorsed in 2011.

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Key messages of the New Consensus on More Effective Institutions

  • We recognize that effective public institutions and policies are pivotal and indispensable for development and that respect for country-level efforts is essential for sustaining development gains.
  • We observe that core state functions and independent oversight institutions should continue to be strengthened to catalyse the leveraging of financial and other resources for sustainable development and capitalize on the opportunities created by the changing global landscape.
  • We highlight the essential role of parliaments and CSOs in strengthening capacities and institutions as users of information as well as partners in building more effective institutions and policies.
  • We endorse a strengthened approach to promoting and measuring more effective institutions and policies, based on solutions specifically tailored to the country context and local processes.
  • We also recognize that there is no single “best practice” for institutional reform for all countries and that political economy factors contribute significantly to shaping the effectiveness of our joint efforts towards developing effective institutions.

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