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25-26 avril 2019 - Événement

Réunion Annuelle de l'EIP 25-26 Avril

Le Secrétariat de la Plateforme des Institutions Effectives a le plaisir d'annoncer que la prochaine réunion annuelle de la plateforme aura lieu les 25 et26 Avril 2019 à Paris.

Les participants à la réunion auront l'occasion de partager leur expérience sur l'apprentissage entre paires et discuter des nouvelles méthodes de travail de la plateforme ainsi que de ...

05 février 2019 - Actualités

Rapport d'Enquête des Membres de l'EIP

 In 2018, the EIP Secretariat undertook a survey of EIP members, to ascertain their views on the EIP’s work and future strategic priorities. The key takeaways from the survey are:

1. The affirmation by members that the greatest value add of the EIP is its peer-to-peer learning model, which helps to incubate and disseminate policy knowledge and ideas among ...

05 février 2019 - Actualités

Etat des Lieux et Vision Future de l'EIP

This report is a product of the revisioning process initiated by EIP in 2018. After several years of serving as an enabling platform for its members to learn and share knowledge in the area of institutional reform, EIP undertook the process of taking stock of its achievements and ascertain its value add as a channel to advance the SDGs by ...

30 novembre 2016 - Événement

EIP Side Event during HLM2 GPEDC

KICC, 30 November 2016, 2:30-15:30

Room: Robin


EIP Annual Meeting participants are invited to the Second High-Level Meeting of the  GPEDC (30 Nov – 1 Dec, 2016): and participate to the side event on "Innovations in Country Systems Strengthening through Peer-2-Peer Learning".


Prior registration is required.


29 novembre 2016 - Événement

Réunion annuelle 2016 de la PIE

Nairobi, Kenya, 29 November 2016

Acceuillie par  la Commission de la fonction publique du Kenya

Hotel Intercontinental , Nairobi (The Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, City Hall Way, City Square, Nairobi 00200)



30 mai 2016 - Événement

EIP presents at the Astana Regional Hub of Civil Service

The Effective Institutions Platform (EIP) contributed to the engagement workshop between public service experts from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Canada, organised by the Astana Regional Hub of Civil Service on May 27th 2016 in Astana. The participants shared their experiences while setting up one-stop-shop citizen services halls. Based on the recently published guide to peer-to-peer learning, the EIP suggested ...