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EIP attends EU seminar on the use and strengthening of country systems

24 May 2016 - Event

EU Flag The EU Directorate General for Development and Cooperation invited the Effective Institutions Platform (EIP) to present its work at a technical seminar on development effectiveness on 25-26th April 2016 in Brussels.

During this session on use of country systems, the EIP shared its evidence collected in pilot countries—Bangladesh, Senegal, Afghanistan and Somalia—and the preliminary findings of its research paper which will be published in the next quarter. The EIP’s presentation set the stage for a debate among EU member states on their use of country systems to deliver aid to partners, in view of a possible EU position for the second Global Partnership on Effective Development Cooperation high level meeting.

Although many development partners are withdrawing from the budget support modality, there is significant interest in new research to keep this topic high on the agenda. By participating in the meeting, the EIP collected development partners’ views and priorities on use of country systems to inform the EIP’s research paper on use of country systems.

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