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Praia Group on Governance Statistics Update

21 March 2016 - News

From 17th to 19th June 2015, the Praia group on governance statistics met to discuss their 2016-2020 road map. The meeting covered the conceptualisation, measurement methodology and dissemination of governance statistics.

The participants noted that: the demand for governance statistics is increasingly significantly, but current offerings are not sufficient; there is little agreement about core governance concepts.  

The group also stressed the need to: harmonise and universalise the measurement of governance, while simultaneous increasing stakeholder consultation; establish SDG 16 as a governance statistic’s priority; acknowledge that states at different stages of development will approach governance (statistics) differently.

Their flagship product—‘handbook on governance statistics’—will follow this timeline:

  1. mapping, critical assessment and synthesis of available sources (2016)
  2. demand for governance statistics by various user constituencies (2016)
  3. preparation of the first draft (2017)
  4. consultation on the draft handbook (2018)
  5. revision of the draft in the light of the consultations (2018)

For more detail, see this link.

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